Roadside Holiday Needs You!

Can you sing?
Can you play an instrument?
Maybe bass, guitar or mandolin (or something else that’s rootsy and fun)? Even perhaps (gasp!) a banjo?

Do you like gritty Americana?
We’re keen to add another band member to this funky duo. Could it be you? Let’s find out?

Tel. +613 9111 5776
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Three Piece of 'Widows on the Hill'

Forthcoming Album Demos

Forthcoming Album in Demo Phase

Yes Folks, you heard it here. Demos are being laid down, songs being finished to become demos and plans for recording are underway. Plus logos, other artwork, pictures and videos.

From over the next few weeks we will put up a few snippets at this address, here. Offering of the moment is Kim’s full demo of Ordinary Shoes. Stay tuned for more.